Mt Barker Glass can bring your creative ideas to life by incorporating the latest trends in decorative and feature glass.

We can create feature walls, room dividers, slumped glass and vanity tops, stunning glass mounted mirrors and also supply feature glass panels for water features all using painted, patterned or etched glass.

Features & Benefits

Open up your space with mirrors Framed or unframed, round or square, big or small. We can measure and install mirrors to suit just about any space. Our mirrors can also be directly glued, block mounted or installed using stainless standoff anchors which allow the mirror to pop out from the wall.
Vanity Tops
Glass is perfect for bathroom vanity tops. Glass vanity tops can be produced using painted, clear or slumped glass, providing a dazzling finish to you bathroom as well as being one of the easiest to clean materials available.
Custom Laminated Glass
Adaptable artworks for interior and exterior design. Photographic images are digitally printed onto PET film which is inserted and laminated between glass. Through the application of photographic artworks with VIEWCOLS product and combined with safety glass , unique design opportunities and solutions are enabled both structural and decorative , not permissible with traditional art substrates.
Slumped Glass
Slumped glass, also known as textured glass, is glass that has been fired in a kiln so it is able to be slumped into a mould to create beautiful textures and patterns that can be incorporated into a variety of glass applications.

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