Mt Barker Glass offer several forms of structural glass balustrading as an alternative to timber or aluminium framed options. Glass provides a contemporary look with fewer vertical joins or horizontal supports giving a less obstructed view.

Glass balustrades are ideal for balconies, staircases, pool fences and other applications where fencing is required. Glass balustrades provide a barrier while allowing you to achieve uninterrupted views and provide a windbreak.

Frameless glass balustrading as with pool fencing is subject to standards and regulations such as the BCA: Building Code of Australia. Our glass is high quality toughened glass which conforms to AS1288(2006) and AS1170.2: Wind load code.

Contemporary round, oval or square stainless capping handrail selections available. Interlinking handrails are required when the fall is greater than 1000mm.

Installation Options

Grouted Bottom Method
The panel is grouted its entire length in a pre-formed recess or channel. Glass should be heat soaked.
Clamp Fittings
Glass is supported on two sides with stainless steel clamps fixed to vertical posts. Glass can be done with or without holes.
Channel or Grooved
Glass can be fixed on two sides with a channel fixed to the post or a groove recessed into the post. *Note post would have to be engineered.
Floor Posts
Glass is supported by stainless steel floor posts which are core drilled into concrete or surface mounted.
Spider Fittings
Glass is supported by two way stainless steel fittings called spider fittings which are bolted to a vertical post and the glass.

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